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Ladder Ranch
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Welcome To Ladder Ranch

We invite you to visit our historic working ranch, nestled in the mountains of Wyoming and Colorado's high country. A.W. Salisbury ventured west in search for gold in 1881.  For six generation our family has been ranching in this scenic valley.

We raise cattle, sheep, and horses on thousands of acres of the most beautiful country in the Rocky Mountains.  We are offering a unique opportunity to work with the sheep and cattle in a real ranch environment.

This isolated valley offers the ideal opportunity for those who wish to relax and explore nature. The area is abound in wildlife, including deer, elk, antelope, black bears, mountain lions, bobcats, foxes, badgers and coyotes.  Birdwatchers will enjoy seeing bald eagles, golden eagles, several species of hawks, sandhill cranes, sage grouse, and doves, as well as many smaller species.

Ranch Activities
The Little Snake River Valley area is well-known to hunters. We offer facilities for your self-guided hunts for deer, elk and antelope in both
 Colorado and Wyoming.  more
We are especially proud of our fishing. In Wyoming, we own four miles of the Little Snake River and four and one-half miles of Battle Creek,
which offers habitat to wild brook, rainbow and brown trout.  We have been told it offers "the best small stream fishing in the country."  more
Ranch Recreation
Ranch Recreation
We invite you to share in our daily ranch activities. We are not a "dude ranch." The Ladder Ranch a real working ranch
where the needs of the animals take precedence over our own. Our guests choose how much they want to participate in the daily activities on the ranch. Depending on the time of year you visit us, you might share in lambing, calving, branding, feeding the livestock, shearing or trailing cattle or sheep.  more

History lovers enjoy visiting the area frequented by Butch Cassidy and his Wild Bunch, mountain men Jeremiah Johnson, Jim Baker, and Jim Bridger. Landmarks Battle Mountain and Battle Creek are named for a fight between trappers and native Americans in 1841. Local history comes alive at the Little Snake River Museum in Savery, Wyoming and at the Grand Encampment Museum in Encampment, Wyoming.
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